Hereby is a description of typical Web Site Promotion Services process stages applied to customers' existing websites or to sites under construction:

STAGE I - Analysis:

  1. Purpose of site and Target Market
  2. Graphic Design
  3. HTML writing
  4. Loading time
  5. Text Content on Start Page
  6. Spelling
  7. Pages in European Languages
  8. Visitor Statistics
  9. Metatags
    1. keywords choice - in referrence to the general keywords frequency of the site's domain of operation on the Internet
    2. acceptability
    3. relevancy
    4. spelling and common mispellings
  10. Popularity at Search Engines and Directories a. by own URL b. by most popular keywords c. absolute location and location relative to competition d. saturation
  11. Writing a Full Report
    1. estimate of success after modifications
    2. recommendations: continuation or closing the site
    3. estimate of traffic driving work, preliminary and monthly maintenance, resulting in price quote for next 3 months

STAGE II - Preliminary:

  1. Correction of 2-7 above
  2. Correction of Metatags
  3. Installation of required statistics tools if needed
  4. Submission by hand to Directories (Yahoo!, Looksmart, Open Directory Project, etc.)
  5. Submission by hand to Search Engines
  6. Translation and Submission to European Languages Directories and Search Engines
  7. Correspondence and Establishing links with other Websites, specialist sites, etc.
  8. Full Submission Report

STAGE III - Monthly Maintenance:

  1. Re-Submission of Failed Submissions
  2. Analysis of cause and re-submission in case of loss of high locations
  3. Submission to new or modified Search Engines and Directories and to more categories at other Directories
  4. Modifications or updates of Text Content of Start Page
  5. Analysis of Monthly Statistics of the site
  6. Modification of Metatags accordingly
  7. Analysis of Popularity (as in # I/10 above)
  8. Full Monthly Report

STAGE IV - Intermediary (after 3 months - while all submissions are already in effect):

  1. Analysis of accumulated statistics and estimate of future growth trends
  2. Full Report including Recommendations and Price Quote for ongoing monthly maintenance (as in # I/11 above)

STAGE V - Ongoing Monthly Maintenance: (as in # III above)

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