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10s Web Site Promotion Services began as a start-up enterprise established in August 1998. Within 18 months our Research & Development staff has developed original and effective WEB SITE PROMOTION SERVICES algorithms, designed to increase significantly visitor traffic to web sites looking for international target markets.

10s Web Site Promotion Services is fully operational since December 1999, and has already demonstrated impressively successful applications of its unique Web Site Promotion Services' algorithms. It now provides Web Site Promotion Services to a growing number of export-oriented Israeli clients.

10s Web Site Promotion Services has merged recently and became a division of a division of TENS - Technology & New Solutions, Ltd., an engineering company with broad interests in Internet technologies.

10s Web Site Promotion Services is by now one of the very few companies of its kind worldwide, and the only one in Israel, offering top-quality Web Site Promotion Services services to the general public.

Web Site Promotion Services designates the use of highly sophisticated algorithms, developed and tested throughout extensive research and permanently updated, as opposed to some common notions like "Web Site Promotion", "Web Site Optimization", "Search Engine Placement" or "Traffic Driving" which often consist in nothing more than a one-time bulk submission to a large number of search engines, a procedure that by general consensus among the experts is more harmful than beneficial for increasing the number of visitors over time.

Almost all other procedures, once useful for manipulating search engine results, are by now inadequate as well.

Our technical and R&D facilities are located in Jerusalem, one of the main high-tech centers of Israel. The head office is in Tel Aviv, the commercial center of Israel. However, in the "global village" that grows by shrinking physical distances down to insignificance, servicing customers abroad is similar to servicing local customers, some of which we've never met in person either.

Beside Internet experts, the company staff includes highly skilled professionals in the domains of linguistics, engineering, industrial psychology and marketing. The local availability of highly educated and skilled personnel, and the relatively low wages in comparison with North America and Western Europe, enable us to offer our services at very competitive prices that even small-budget companies and institutions can now afford.

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